William Warmus

Financial Planning

It is never too late or too early to start a financial plan.  At Cornell Pochily, one of our Certified Financial Planners can help you create a roadmap to your financial future.  We create individualized plans that utilize the latest technology along with our professional experience and expertise.

Financial Planning is a holistic approach to financial advice that takes into account all areas of a person's financial life. This could include portfolio analysis, retirement planning, educational funding, insurance needs, or an estate planning review.

The planning process begins with meeting clients to insure a mutual understanding of the client-planner relationship.  We work together with the client to gather information in order to best identify and prioritize their goals and objectives.  After analyzing all the data, we make recommendations and create a course of action to help every client achieve their financial goals.  We will work to help the client implement and then monitor the plan as goals and circumstances change.

Whether you need a full comprehensive financial plan or need to focus on a specific financial goal, the advisors at CPIA can guide you through this planning process.